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  •   860-778-8093   ​D4G (Development for Growth) is a program around the development planning process.  The new course integrates the Leadership Anchors and Behaviors, aligns with the P4G Performance for Growth process and Career Portal tools.  D4G offers two modules - one for Employee and one for Managers, recognizing the joint responsibility of both roles in an employee's development. This event is for Managers, who have direct reports. The course will cover the employee section, in addition to the manager. Click here for more information.
  •   Crucial Conversations (CC)   Crucial Conversations is a training experience focused on achieving effective dialogue at all levels of the organization. It is an invaluable course for anyone in a position where effective communication is essential. Based on the New York Times business bestseller Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, this course prioritizes alignment in interpersonal communication and introduces best practice skills for creating a safe environment for high-stakes interactions. This training experience is a key element of professional development for all Fortive employees. (817) 840-2788
  •   life insurance   FBS Leadership Orientation immerses new leaders in the culture of the Fortive Business System. It introduces FBS Fundamentals and hands-on experiences with the FBS tools we use to build successful Fortive businesses. The program also brings into focus the role of leadership in driving and sustaining FBS, emphasizing the fundamentals of culture, people processes, and financial leadership. This program is for Fortive employees who play key leadership roles in driving change in their businesses, and should be one of their first FBS experiences.​ Click here for more information.
  •   Managing Your Inbox Using 5S  

    Apply 5S principles and MS Outlook features to improve productivity when managing email.

    Learn to:

    • Organize your view of Outlook, reduce distractions and improve managing your Inbox

    • Process messages faster

    • Track, prioritize and take timely action on your work

    • Condense and reduce the size of your Inbox

    • Store and retrieve important messages

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New Training

  •   207-762-1499  
        In this course, you'll learn about the six-pillar model for understanding the many different tools involved in driving Reliability Improvement and in organizing our approach.
  •   Microsoft Flow: Create a workflow from scratch  

    Create custom workflows in Microsoft Flow to automate processes across multiple services. In this second class on using MS Flow, you will create a custom workflow to manage the approval of items added to a SharePoint list.


     - Complete the Microsoft Flow: Introduction to automated workflows class or have prior experience using MS Flow.

     - Complete the SharePoint Online: Create Lists class or have experience creating SharePoint lists.


     - How to create a workflow from a blank template

     - Add triggers, actions and conditions

     - Add dynamics content and prepare automated emails

     - Test and correct workflow errors

    PREWORK: Must be completed before attending a scheduled class.

    PREWORK- MS Flow_Create a workflow from scratch.docx

  •   8453539332  

    OTA- Org Training 2


    • Organizational Capability Deep Dive
    • Facilitation Best Practices
  •   OTA Training 1- Overview Workbook- Data  

    OTA- Org Training 1


    • OTA Org Refresh
    • OTA Org Workbook
    • Talent Metrics Report
    • Org Capability Report